The Cornish Alps - St Austell
Cornwall,  Type 1 Diabetes

400K Steps in Cornwall for Type 1 Diabetes 27 Days In


I started my walking charity challenge for JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes research 27 days ago. You can read about my first week and second week. Today is a catch-up post of all of the days since then. A quick run through of the amount of steps I’ve taken and where I’ve taken them. Some Cornwall photos too obviously!


Wednesday 17th May – Par duck pond to Par beach 12,904 steps


Thursday 18th May – Scredda to Wheal Martyn again 12,704 steps


Walking Cornwall - Clay trails St Austell


Friday 19th May – Speed walking and pacing around our home ha and walking to the shops 8104 steps


Saturday 20th May – Par market from our house and back 11,487 steps


Sunday 21st May – Scredda to Carn Grey and then home 9758 steps


The Cornish Alps - St Austell


For the next lot of walks, I had my youngest at home with me as he didn’t fancy going on school camp. This meant a lot of fun days out that also involved walking. It was such a brilliant week and so nice to get some one on one time with him for a change.


Monday 22nd May – Newquay Zoo 9742 steps


Newquay Zoo Cornwall


Tuesday 23rd May – Truro shopping 8004 steps


Wednesday 24th May – The Lost Gardens of Heligan 11,049 steps


The Lost Gardens of Heligan


Thursday 25th May – Town and back 10,098 steps


Friday 26th May – The amusement arcade, Blue Reef Aquarium and Newquay Zoo 11,005 steps


Blue Reef Aquarium Newquay - Fish


Saturday 27th May – Porthpean Beach and around at home, to the shops etc 9,010 steps



Sunday 28th May – Par Market and back 11,500 steps


Monday 29th May – Pentewan Trail 9900 steps


Before this I had walked 148,296 steps for Type 1 Diabetes, adding on the 135,265 steps from all of the walks listed above, I have now completed 283,561 steps. Just another 116,439 to go now until I have completed my 400,000 steps.


If you would like to sponsor me then please visit the Every Day Hero site – this does only take card payments though, so if you prefer Paypal then pay me at and I will pay it in myself – you’ll be able to see I’ve done so, no robbery or trickery here.


Thank you,

Stevie x

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