Charlestown - Cornwall - Walking
Cornwall,  Type 1 Diabetes

Week 2 of Walking in Cornwall for Type 1 Diabetes


I’m a bit late posting about my second week of walking for Type 1 Diabetes and JDRF. This is mostly because due to all the walking, I’m behind with a lot of things ha! Here’s how my second week went though.


Charlestown - Cornwall - Walking


On Wednesday Flo (Si’s Mum) and I walked from Porthpean to Charlestown and then home to St Austell. My total steps for the day were 10,005.


Duporth beach - St Austell - Cornwall


Charlestown harbour Cornwall


Thursday was a long walk into town and back from where we live for a total of 12970 steps for the day.


On Friday it rained a lot and so most of my steps were just around the house, which meant that I only managed 8984 steps. We need a bigger house, as doing circuits around the inside of ours made me a little bit dizzy after a while. There’s also only so many times that you can run up and down the stairs without your legs hating you.


When it came to Saturday the boys didn’t really fancy a walk and Si was working. However, bribery worked and we went for a long-ish walk to the local bakery and back. Along with some other general walking I managed 12922 steps!


On Sunday Si and I went for a lovely walk in the evening from the car park at Crinnis Beach to Spit Beach for a great 12236 steps. This involved walking partly on the Carlyon Bay Golf Club course, as the coast path runs alongside and through a part of it. Absolutely stunning views and even better the walk was pretty much flat.


Crinnis St Austell


Walking the Cornwall Coastline - St Austell


Crinnis to Spit Beach - St Austell


When Monday arrived it was raining and I was knackered so my walks were mostly erm… The Range and Tesco! Not especially scenic, but it still added an extra 7943 steps for the day as I also walked to the local shop in the evening.


Tuesday added an extra 10,052 steps to the week with a walk along the Pentewan trails. Flo and I got a bit damp, but I actually remembered my umbrella for a change thankfully.


Walking at Pentewan - Cornwall


So in my second week I walked 75112 steps, which added to the 73184 from last week, I have so walked 148,296 steps for Type 1 Diabetes.


The total steps I need to walk within 40 days is 400,000. This is one step for every person with Type 1 Diabetes in the UK – including my own son. Just 251,704 steps to go after the first two weeks – obviously I have done more than that already though due to my late post ha!


If you would like to sponsor me then please visit the Every Day Hero site – this does only take card payments though, so if you prefer Paypal then pay me at and I will pay it in myself – you’ll be able to see I’ve done so, no robbery or trickery here.



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