Woodland between Mevagissey and Black Head
Cornwall,  Type 1 Diabetes

Walking 400 Thousand Steps in Cornwall: Week One


On Wednesday 3rd May I started my sponsored walking challenge for JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes research. 400,000 steps in 40 days – one step for every person living with Type 1 in the UK including my own son. This is a quick update on how I’m getting on with it!


Woodland between Mevagissey and Black Head


Ordinarily as I work from home, my step count is usually pretty awful. I won’t lie … this last week has been hard work and the start of it showed me just how unfit I was. However, what a difference a week can make. I’m not even feeling a bit out of breath at the top of the stairs anymore.


I went to one of my favourite places for my first walk. Si’s Mum and I headed to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, she’s walking with me three times a week which has been lovely. It was a stunningly beautiful day and I managed 10,200 steps.


The Lost Gardens of Heligan - Doves - A Cornish Mum



On Thursday we walked from Scredda in St Austell to Wheal Martyn and I achieved 10,106 steps for the day. This is part of the clay trails in St Austell and Wheal Martyn have a lovely cafe that I’ll be revisiting soon. It’s a stunning walk.


Wheal Martyn St Austell



On Friday I was on my own walking and popped to Pentewan which is somewhere that I walk a lot. I used to go running down there before my back and hip issues started and I’m planning to build back up to doing it soon. I managed 10,056 steps.


Pentewan - St Austell - Cornwall


I also used Pentewan to try out my new Nike trainers that the lovely people at Millet Sports sent to me. They have a brilliant flexible sole, so they’ll be fantastic for running when I am fit enough to do so again. They were great for walking too though, the grip on them is fantastic.


Nike Trainers - A Cornish Mum


And yes … if you were walking at Pentewan recently and noticed a slightly mad looking woman standing on one foot taking a photograph of her trainer … that ‘may’ have been me.


On Saturday Simon tried to kill me. He walked with me and I let him choose the walk… We walked from Mevagissey to Black Head plus a couple of extra miles in the wrong direction when we tried to find a ‘shortcut’ and had to double back.


Not only did I walk 16,432 steps that day in the rain, but those steps were also up and down some of the most ridiculous hills I have ever seen.. oh and we got chased by cows. Possibly friendly cows, but friendly cows can squash or accidentally kick out and break your leg just as much as unfriendly ones. Luckily I didn’t notice the bull in the field until we’d already exited the field.


Mevagissey to Black Head St Austell walk


Very proud of myself that I managed that epic walk though, my legs were painful for days afterwards.


On Sunday I managed a measly 6,148 steps as I was hobbling, so the local spar shop was as far as I wanted to walk and around the house.


On Monday I popped to the beautiful Lanhydrock on my own. I’ll be writing about Lanhydrock soon, I have no idea why I javen’t done so before! 10,050 steps on Monday.


Lanhydrock Cornwall


On Tuesday Flo (Si’s Mum) and I walked from Charlestown to Crinnis and back for a nice stroll with some more gorgeous views. I managed 10,192 steps for that whole day.



I’ve already done more walks than this, but they’ll be in my next round up! For the 7 days I’ve featured here though I should have walked 70,000 steps and I actually walked 73,184 steps. Just another 326,816 steps needed in the other weeks! Any suggestions of other gorgeous walks? I have several in mind already that I’m looking forward to.


Wish me luck and please do donate if you can, every little bit helps – Donate Here.


Stevie x


  • Sandra

    Some great walks there and well done on that impressive step count in your first week. I love Lanhydrock – plenty of walks there! Have you been to Cardinham Woods? Probably best in the autumn for the leaf colour but another possibility for you. And the Camel Trail breaks down into 3 x 6 mile sections: just need to work out the logistics of transport at each end of a section!

  • Jennifer

    Well done, you are doing brilliantly! I started a 10,000 steps a day goal this year and I found it difficult at first but it got much easier over time and you find lots of ways to pick up the extra steps. You’ve been for some beautiful walks, good luck and enjoy!

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