We Did the Minion Fun Run!

If you saw my post on the Minion Fun Run, then you’ll now exactly what my post this morning is about. Simon’s nephew Brandon does a lot of work to try to raise money for Children’s Hospice Southwest, and we even picked him up at 6am yesterday morning to take him to the Royal Cornwall show, where he was working a tombola for them. He did the same on Thursday, and he is there again today!

Brandon is only 15 and had to ask his school for time off for the Royal Cornwall Show this week. Unlike most teen boys of his age that I know of who seem to spend their time playing video games or hanging around on the street with their pants hanging out of their trousers (anyone else keep feeling the urge to pull them up for them?!), Brads spends the majority of his spare time raising money for those less fortunate than himself!

His family are very proud of him, even if most of them do get roped in to early morning lifts, balloon blowing and numerous other activities that always seem to be at the crack of dawn ;)

The Minion Fun Run was part of his fundraising. Most of the family took part in some way whether it was running, stewarding, setting up of the course in the morning, or driving his brother to the hospital when he lost a fight with a saw and his hand was bleeding, or just reassuring him that it was all going okay when everything seemed to be going wrong!

On the day the weather stayed nice, loads of people showed up and it all ran smoothly.

Minion Fun Run Organiser and his Mum

Brandon the organiser and his Mum Jaime getting papped!

The Minion Fun Run

So far Brandon has already collected in over £2000 from the people who took part in the fun run, with more to come! That money will be going to do a lot of good work for the families that Children’s Hospice provide a fantastic service for. A Children’s hospice is a place no parent ever wants to have to use, but for those that have to, it can make all the difference at such a hard time.

Myself and the boys did the fun run last Saturday, they both ran most of it whereas I walked with Simon’s Mum to keep me company. My bad back, leg and hip were really misbehaving that day and I probably shouldn’t have done the run (walk!), but I was determined to do it and finish even if it was painful and I felt like a bit of a fool walking whilst the majority ran!

Minion Boys

They aren’t actually miserable by the way, they just like messing with me when I get a camera out ;)

I’m proud to say we did our bit for such a deserving charity. Whilst the Minion Fun Run has finished, there is a rainbow run raising money for the same charity on 28th June at RAF St Mawgan. The Rainbow Run is a 5km run where you get sprayed with powder paint at different stations as you run. It sounds a lot of fun and for more information you can pop to the CHSW website.

The Rainbow run isn’t organised by Brandon, but he already has a few other things up his sleeve for this year! Thanks to everyone who sponsored us and everyone else who did the Minion Fun Run.

Stevie x

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  1. 6 June 2015 / 10:09 pm

    What a fun idea for a fun run!!! My boys would LOVE this. We are minions fanatics in our home!!! :)

    • 6 June 2015 / 11:55 pm

      There were some very cute little minions running on the day :) We’re Minion fans too!

      Stevie x