Why A Dog Guard is Not Just for Dog Owners

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We don’t have a dog, so obviously we don’t need to consider getting a dog guard – right? Wrong! A dog guard from a company like Travall could actually be something that anyone should consider, not just dog owners.


Travall guard


A guard in the car for a dog is a good idea for very obvious reasons. The Travall guards would work well for keeping a dog in the back of the car safe and secure. However, this isn’t the only reason that they’re a good idea. They are great for protecting children and adults too. They’re only really called dog guards, as that’s one of the most common uses for them. Dog or no dog though, it makes a lot of sense to use one.


A lot of modern cars, especially estate ones don’t have a lot covering the boot area of the car. My own car just has a soft leathery cover, which works really well at keeping the sun off of my food shopping when I buy it but, really it is a bit flimsy. I don’t know whether if I had a crash and things flew upwards in the boot, the cover would stay where it should be or whether it would ping open, since it’s designed to be easily opened and it more rests in place rather than locks in.


I also have a bad habit of forgetting to pull the cover over on my car as well. So despite having ‘some’ protection there in theory, if absent mindedly you don’t remember to use it, there is no real protection. If you also make the mistake of putting items on top of your boot cover/parcel shelf, then this is even more dangerous.


Aviva car insurance have a very old, but still very relevant post on their site about the dangers of unrestrained items in vehicles and there are others online highlighting that loose things in the car during a crash can become like missiles.


If like me, you also keep a lot of random things in your boot then it’s a very good idea that you have something strong in between the contents of the car boot and yourself and your passengers. This is where the Travall dog guards come in. They sell guards specific to the type of car that you have, which ensures a secure safe fit without the rattling you can get with ill fitting universal guards sometimes and in my opinion would make you a lot safer in the car if you did have an accident.


Travall dog guard


If you have a crash or stop extremely quickly with a Travall guard in place, whatever is in the boot will stay in the boot. Especially reassuring if you are carrying anything that could cause a lot of harm if it is travelling at a fast speed. Innocuous innocent looking every-day items can become extremely dangerous when air born.


From the smaller things like bottles of water, skipping ropes or spare shoes to the large items like pushchairs, toolboxes and children’s scooters. If you have a crash or stop very suddenly, you want to know that these things will be staying where they should be. Unless you are planning on strapping down everything in your boot every time you put anything in there, then to me a guard just seems like common sense.


Check out the Travall website to find your vehicle-specific guard.


Stevie x


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