Big Game Hunter Wigwam teepees

The Win a Wigwam Giveaway Competition

At the bottom of this post is a chance for you to win your own Wigwam teepee from Big Game Hunters via a Gleam widget.


Growing up, I always desperately wanted a playhouse for the garden. Sadly though, we always either couldn’t afford one or lived in places without gardens whilst I was young enough for one.


I wish that Wigwam teepee tents had been a ‘thing’ and easily available back then, as they really are a more affordable way to have a ‘playhouse’. Not only that but, they just look so much fun and can be made so cosy inside. Seven-year-old me would have filled one with cushions and teddy bears for a cosy reading den.


The win a wigwam competition with Big Game Hunter


It actually sounds quite tempting now. I was offered the chance to review something from Big Game Hunters recently and I did contemplate some of their giant garden games for the boys. However, our garden is far from finished and definitely not ready for any additions.


I therefore, thought that instead I could make another child’s playhouse dream come true in the form of one of the gorgeous Wigwam teepees that Big Game Hunters sell. You can enter via the Gleam widget below and choose which of their £59.99 Wigwam teepee you would like to choose if you win. If you look on the Big Game Hunters site, you can see the choices. Personally I love the Aztec one.


The great thing about play tents like this in my opinion, is that they encourage children to play outside – although they often look cute in a playroom. It gives children some protection from the sun as well, but most importantly they really encourage their imaginations. Role play is often a big part of childhood and play homes really can add to that.


Big Game Hunter Wigwam teepees


If you would like to win one of the Wigwam teepees, then please do enter below via any of the listed methods that you like. Obviously more entries mean more chances though. My usual competition terms and conditions apply and can be found here – A Cornish Mum’s Competition Terms and Conditions.


Good Luck!


Stevie x




Big Game Hunters Wigwam Teepee


  • Plutonium Sox

    Oh these are amazing Stevie, such fab tents. I always wanted a pony – actually I still do, never got it! And This would be for Libby as Lia already has one similar with her name on it.

  • Alica

    I always wanted a Mr Frosty and never got one as a child but my hubby bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago and I soon realised I hadn’t missed out on much lol

  • Anthony Harrington

    I always wanted real life Koala Bear, my auntie in Australia told me she would send me one, those days parcels came by boat and took forever, so every single day I waited on the post. After around 4 months a note came from the Post Office that an airmail package was waiting to be collected, this was it, all the way from Australia my very own real-life living Koala Bear! I still feel the bitter disappointment of be handed a small flat parcel which contained not my Koala but a set of Hansel and Gretal colouring pencils.

  • Pickinguptoys

    I don’t remember not getting anything that I really wanted,probably the latest trainers or something daft but I’d love to win for my daughter she’s forever making dens and hiding away!

  • Martina Pichova

    I wanted a dolls house and didn’t get one so I bought one for my daughter this Christmas (so I could play with it). The wigwam would be great for both my kids.

  • rebecca smith

    i always wanted a tiny tears doll i never got one and was very jealous of friends with them my mum said they freaked her out lol

  • Jess Howliston

    I would love to win this for my little girl Evelyn and her brother James. They love being outside and having a secret little hidey place to take all the treasures they find whilst exploring and this would be perfect! x

  • Elizabeth Smith

    I really wanted a pair of green wellys with protuding frogs eyes but my mum said that they were too expensive for something I’d grow out of before too much use. We often joke about it.

  • Jane Willis

    I wanted a Sindy doll. my parents got me Tressy instead, thinking they were all the same thing, but I knew deep down inside that they weren’t, and all my friends had Sindys.

  • Angela Treadway

    i cant remember but i think it was a doll, i kept looking in the catalogue hoping i would recieve it lol x

  • Rachel Heap

    I always wanted a tree house, never had one but my next door neighbour did so at least i got to use his

  • Jayne Townson

    I really wanted my own puppy as a child that I could keep in my bedroom and take out for walks. I never got one, but did get many other lovely things over the years, so I didn’t mind too much.

  • Marycarol

    Lovely prize, I always wanted a dolls house – never got one but always love looking at them in shops to this day xx

  • Danielle Spencer

    I always wanted a Baby Annabel, I remember saying that I didn’t want to be a parent but I wanted a baby Annabel that cried etc. Strange child I was lol. I also would have liked the Sylvanian department store and my friend wanted the mansion – guess who received which for Christmas, we didn’t swap though.

  • Jamielee Wells

    I was very lucky as a child and cannot think of anything that i wanted that i didn’t get – gosh i sound so spoilt lol. However if i won this i would give it to my son and daughter – they are very close in age and play very well together (most of the time haha) i think these tents are great and help to develop their role play skills

  • Heidi Brown

    I wanted this big doll called baby first teeth and it actually grew teeth haha, I asked for it for xmas when i was about 8, I never got it…..distrought!!!! haha

  • Ursula Hunt

    I always wanted a large dolls house with all the little furniture. I never got one and used to make a pretend one out of cardboard boxes

  • Rob Hutchinson

    I once asked for a Sinclair ZX81 for Christmas, having seen it in action around a friend’s house. I didn’t get one, though. Instead, my parents completely surprised me by giving me the more advanced and more expensive ZX Spectrum. I was utterly gobsmacked. I think my mum wanted me to use it to help do my homework and become someone like Bill Gates, but I just played games on it.

  • jo liddement

    I really wanted a microscope but i think my parents thought it wasn’t a girly enough toy so i never got one :(

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    I was not aloud a bike as a child/ A boy was knocked down and died on my Older Sisters bike so after that bike when are no in out house.

  • Sally Collingwood

    I really wanted a Sindy doll and never got one. but I certainly made up for it when I had my daughters, we had every Sindy, Barbie, house, caravan, the lot, and guess who played with it with them the most!

  • karen hill

    I was so spoilt as a child , my mo and dad were fab, the only thing i can think of that i wanted but didn’t get was a mr frosty x

  • Andrea Fletcher

    I would love to win this for my grandson who loves sitting under my kitchen table with his toys, so am sure he would love this.

  • Hilycat

    Being a tomboy I always wanted a “Chopper” bike with a police siren ….I was soooo disappointed to get a “shopper” complete with basket at the front and ding ding bell. I was so unimpressed that Christmas, ungrateful child!! lol


    I always wanted a Stylophone but never got one, my grandchildren would be the lucky recipients if I won

  • Rebecca Nisbet

    i always wanted a typewriter, my mum brought me one 2 xmas running, but each one never worked so we gave up in the end.

  • Chris Andrews

    lf l were lucky enough to win l’d give the prize to my grandsons . . . . .l’d be awarded a Supergran Badge too ha ha


    I would love to win this for my friends children as i think they would enjoy it and when i was a kid i wanted a barbie bike but never got one sadly.

  • maria blythin

    it was a play dough hair dressers where you turned a handle and plastecine hair grew and you cut it x im 45 now and still moan to my mum about not getting it lol x

  • Rachel

    I really wanted a Mr Frosty! I can see now why my parents didn’t want to buy one but at the time I felt like I was the only child in the world without one!

  • Ruth Harwood

    I always wanted an etch-a-sketch, but sadly it was never forthcoming :( but hey, we can’t have it all, eh?!!

  • Jo Carroll

    I can’t honestly remember anything specific that I craved but never got although I’m sure my mum would say I wanted everything in the toy shop when I was smaller. It’s a shame you don’t get too many small toy retailers on the high streets anymore…I hate doing the huge ‘warehouse’ toy shopping experience with my little’s so cold and inpersonal? He’d love this Wigwam though and it would certainly cut down on my bed-sheet buying expenses ;)

  • Lorna Ledger

    Oh wow! A Mr Frosty! I’m still sore about it! My Mum said it was a waste of Money! I love this WigWam for my niece and nephew x

  • Mummy on a Budget

    I went through a phase of wanting a horse as did lots of horse riding. Was never going to happen!

    Would love to win this prize for my LO’s upcoming birthday. Can just picture my 2 having lots of adventures in it together.

  • judy kennedy

    To be honest I can remember ever really wanting something. I had so many toys like plasticine, lego and I liked to draw. I had a little yellow playhouse and we used the wardrobe as a lift with hand made buttons. However I do look at toys I would like to buy such as robotic toys or flying drones and usually they are really expensive. I look for novelty or toys I remember I loved as a child such as fuzzy felt. The live pets are a nice range.

  • Harline

    I’d like to win this for my grandson William. Has a child I wanted a real monkey I know not pets but has a child and now I love them I got a toy monkey that use to hang off tables ect I was a little disappointed he wasn’t real but I had him for years

  • Simon C

    I always wanted a soda stream machine. The adverts made it look so good.

    But I changed my mind when I actually got to taste a drink made with one! Brleagh. To be fair, it may not have been the fault of the machine, but it did put me off.

  • Katrina Fox

    I wanted a Lucy Locket at the height of it’s popularity and my poor mum was distraught at not being able to get one. Santa did write me a very nice letter of apology though!

  • Tracey Davies

    I always always wanted a brown school satchel! (80 kid!) I admired the other children’s every day. 5 year old me could barely function I was so desperate to have one but never said anything to my mum as there was no spare cash for such frivolous things. My nan came to visit and finally got me to confess what was wrong and she went and bought it for me! Best gift I ever had. I treasured that bag! The wig was would have a great life with my wonderful 2.5 year old son Finlay ☺

  • Amy Wright

    I always wanted Adidas trainers instead of four stripes but my mum could never afford them. Now, my children are very lucky in the clothes departments! I would love this for my son, Daniel. It’s his 5th birthday on 18th April.

  • Jenny Harlow

    I always wanted one of those dolls heads which you could apply makeup on and do their hair but never got one :( being a farmers daughter i’m now rubbish at anything like that and i’ve always said its because I couldn’t have that to practice on!!!


    I always wanted a Mr Frosty!! I bought one for my daughters so got one through them and realized I’d not been missing out on much lol! This would go to my daughters, my youngest is always making dens!

  • Kim Neville

    I really wanted these ankle boots that were in fashion at the time and everyone was wearing but my mum wouldn’t buy me them

  • Sara Turner

    I’d love to win this for my friends little girl Florence who is two and a half. She would absolutely love this

  • Eileen Tingle

    I would have loved to have a teddy bear to cuddle but grew up believing that girls had to have dolls and boys had the teddy bears.


    I can’t remember that far back as to what I really wanted, (old fogey) but this wigwam would be a great gift for grandchildren

  • Bernice Cockrell

    We never really asked for things as kids, we were happy with anything that Father Christmas brought. I’m one of six children so money was always tight…but we always got an apple and a tangerine in our stockings! Loved it!
    I would love to win this wigwam for my beautiful Granddaughter to play in when she stays over, so we can have lots of adventures together!

  • Rebecca Wilson

    For my eldest daughter she’s really into Famous Five at the moment. I think she’ll love a spiffing adventure and lashings of ginger beer in that beautiful tepee with our very own Westie called Timmy. xx

  • Mark MacDonald

    I would love to win this for my son Liam. He is 7 and was diagnosed with Autism. This would be a great little place for him to hide out in when he gets stressed out.

  • Amanda tanner

    I always wanted a Mr frosty but never go to one. Feel like buying my self one now I can. I would like to win this for my niece and nefew

  • Tasha

    Would love this for my daughter, I always wanted anything and everything that made a mess but my mum wasn’t she keen

  • Anthea Holloway

    I never wanted much as a child but always envied my friend’s lovely doll but she let me play with it so it wasn’t that bad after all!

  • frances hopkins

    I always wanted a big tent, so I could camp out in the garden. I made do with a sheet covered over a tree

  • Tracey Mitchell

    A great giveaway, which I would love to win for my granddaughter, The only thing I really wanted was one of those make up heads to plaster in make up most of my friends had one so I got to play with there’s.

  • Stacey Leigh

    I always wanted this Barbie house that my friend had! Never got one lol. Would love this my two Leo and Sofia we would have so much fun with this! We love making dens x

  • Maria Messruther

    Yes lots of things lol. I really wanted a ps1 and never got one I used to have to play on my friends when i went to hers for sleepovers. I still have never owned a playstation now. I would love to win this for my son we are moving in a months time and will have a bigger garden so he can play outside in it especially when it gets warmer weather

  • Lisa Houston

    I always wanted a cabbage patch doll and my mum thought they were ugly so i never got one and i was heart broken

  • Susan B

    Yes, two things I always wanted and never got. The first was a very large fluffy toy. The second was a horse – a real one.

  • Jenny Rogers

    I wanted to have ballet lessons. My sister and I had some pictures in our bedroom of scenes from Coppelia, Giselle and Swan Lake, and I so wanted to be one of those beautiful ballerinas, but we couldn’t afford it at the time.

  • Kim Beale

    Always wanted a treehouse, I had a friend a few doors down whos dad made her a summerhouse, swings and ramps and I was always really jealous!

  • Diana

    When I was a child I’ve always wanted a big My little pony castle with all the ponies but never had one.

  • Mrs Josie Uden

    I always wanted an amazing tree house! My brother and I made our own treehouse…it was definitely more tree than house lol.

  • Hazel Rush

    I always wanted an electric ride on but when I was little they cost about £500!! I’d love to get one for my 3 year old daughter!

  • ellie spider

    I always wanted a mr frosty snow cone maker and a sylvanian family set but I never got either of them! If I won id give to my niece and nephew they would adore it

  • Shannon Mostert

    I always wanted a Ken but for some reason my parents never bought us one. Eventually I cut the hair off one of my barbie’s and made men’s clothes for it so it would look like a man. Haha! Would love a wigwam for my 2 little boys, they love making and hiding in forts already so this would be ideal.

  • Sirley Young

    I really wanted a tamagotchi, as everyone in my school seemed to have one. My mom couldn’t afford it so I never had one.

  • Isobelle Suzanna Forde

    I wanted long hair like rapunzel and a dog , so I wore a pair of my mums tights on my head and pulled along a wooden puppy, equally satisfying aged 5

  • Victoria Allum

    I always wanted a Stretch Armstrong, I know it went on my Christmas list a couple of times, never found him in my stocking though.

  • lisa colbourne

    I only ever wanted things I knew my parents could afford, too much choice now a days!

    I would love to win this for my 2 year old son Jackson, he loves hiding in tents!! this tepee would be a fab addition to his room!

  • lynn neal

    I always wanted a dolls house but had to settle for making one out of an empty weetabix box but I have made up for this in adulthood and have a beautiful one!

  • Jodie W

    Yes, I always wanted but never had my own ‘Guess Who’ game. Even now at 38 I cant resist a game if i see one, am looking forward to my toddler to be old enough to play it with me!

  • Miss Tracy Hanson

    I always wanted a pony/horse. Didn’t help that my grandparents lived 10 minutes walk away from some stables. I had to wait until I was 28 before I got one. :) He was definitely worth the wait and one I had ridden on holiday for the last 3 years. He was supposedly coming home for the winter (as they loaned them out) but he stayed. Had 10 lovely years with him.

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