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I have a special competition for you today from best4frames! There are certain finishing touches in my opinion, that make a house feel like a home. For me these are plump cushions, cosy throws and gorgeous pictures on the walls. best4frames can definitely help you with that last part.


We moved in to our home three years ago after renovating it for a very long time first. We replaced ceilings, every single bit of coving and skirting, painted all the walls in colours that we loved and that were neutral enough that we wouldn’t come to regret them.

We haven’t though gotten around to putting pictures on the walls, and in three years of still working on other rooms in the house or outside, the paint work isn’t looking it’s best already. This means I have to wait to put most pictures up until we have re-decorated again. I’m actually pretty excited about that, even if I suspect Si has had enough of decorating already.

Once it’s all finished this time I will be investing in some thick cosy throws, the type that with the lights dimmed can make you feel like you’re cosied up in a log cabin somewhere amazing – another future dream of mine, and our walls will be decorated with my favourite photographs of Cornwall, like the one on my header here (annoyingly Si took that photo, as I’d love to claim credit) and with my favourite photos of my boys.

Since most of our rooms are different shades, I need a versatile place to buy frames from, as in some rooms I’d love a colourful modern look and other’s like the lounge, I’m more traditional in my tastes. best4frames has something for every taste, here’s a few of my favourites.

best4frames picture frames

The boys’ room eventually (we’re crazy enough to be swapping bedrooms even though they are both gorgeous as they are) when it has been decorated, will have several blue tones to it, and the blue frame that best4frames does is perfect for that. When the time comes, I’ll be ordering a few of them to put on their walls I think, with posters of some of their favourite things in, such as fast cars and football.

Alas I think I have to wait til it’s all decorated, which won’t happen until we have finished building our outside concrete sheds and the rest of the work outside.

However, you can win £50 (via a code) to spend at best4frames and get your house looking like a cosy home, by entering via the rafflecopter below.

*Competition Terms and Conditions* UK Mainland Only

Stevie x


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