Wrappz Review – My favourite photo.

I was recently asked by the people at Wrappz to do a review for them, and once I had nosed at their website I readily accepted! Wrappz is an online shop where you can buy personalised items including laptop skins, phone cases, canvas pictures, mugs, jewellery boxes and a huge amount of other items.

Wrappz -

They gave me a £20 voucher to spend on anything I liked, which got me more excited than it probably should have. The worst part was choosing, as not only were there loads of items on their website that I loved, I also have a lot of favourite photos to choose from.

In the end I chose an Acrylic photo block with one of my favourite photos of my boys from a few years ago on.

My Boys -

I was thrilled with the result when it arrived, and it now has pride of place in our lounge. The block was of a good quality, the colours in the photo seem brighter through the acrylic, and well basically I love it! Thank you Wrappz, and also thank you for giving me a discount code to give to my readers for their own Wrappz items.

If you would like to receive 20% off of purchases at Wrappz then simply click here, and then enter FBFAN20 into the code section during checkout, and let me know what you bought!

I suspect I’ll be using this code myself soon, as I have my eye on their gorgeous box frames, but ssh don’t tell Simon ;)

You can also use the code FREESKIN on the Wrappz site to get yourself a completely free personalized skin for your tablet, phone, laptop or other device, and you only need to pay the postage costs, even if that’s the only thing you order!

Stevie x


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