Writing an Online Will With Farewill: So Simple But Important


When Farewill asked me if I would like to review their will service, I almost said no thank you as I already have my own will. Completely forgetting that Si still hadn’t done his own will.


Online will with Farewill


I took a long time to get around to doing my own, as I’ve never owned much or had much money in the bank. One day hopefully that’ll change ha! So I didn’t think I had a lot to write in a Will but, as a parent I should have known better really. I have two very important things in my life that I needed to get my wishes for down on paper, just in case the worst happens. My children.


Farewill told me that around 88% of parents have never appointed a guardian for their child. I think maybe people just don’t like to think about dying , but when you have children you need to plan ahead. Who will look after them if you died or if both of you die? I feel sad even thinking about it, but it is such an important decision to make.


Farewill wills sorted start screen


Leaving a Will is partly about making sure that your own wishes are followed when you’re gone but, it is also about making things easier for those that you leave behind. 4 out of 10 people die will-less – leaving loved ones with £9,700 in extra costs. Which is really extra stress and financial stress that grieving people don’t need.


Even if you feel you have nothing to give away to anyone, you can use your will to let people know what you would like to happen to your body after you die. Cremation, burial or being donated to science, making the decision yourself early on gives your loved ones something less to think about and debate once you’re gone.


Until Si did his will with Farewill, I had no idea how he wanted his remains to be treated. It just wasn’t something that we had considered discussing before. I was actually surprised by his choice and I’m glad we discussed it.


One of the main reasons that it has taken Si so long to make a will, is that he works long hours and always has projects on the go at home too. He doesn’t really have free time during the day, but Farewill worked perfectly for this. Not only did he do his will online using their website but, it also took him less than ten minutes to do! His will was a pretty simple one without lots of bequests made but, still with such a quick service there really is no reason to keep putting it off.


Farewill will writing


A Farewill will costs £50 per person or £85 per couple, which was a lot cheaper than I was expecting and isn’t just a mirror will but, a will for both of you! There’s also a £10 a year charge to be able to update your will at any time, though you can cancel this and have it just as a one-off will. You must be within England or Wales to use the service.


Within minutes Si had his funeral plans down in black and white and who he would like to leave his worldly goods to. He could even have chosen to leave personal messages for people within his will if he wanted to, which I think is such a lovely touch and hopefully would bring comfort to loved ones left behind.


It is seriously so easy and quick to use Farewill to make a will – do something really important for your loved ones and get yours written. Pop to the Farewill will making site now and use the discount code CORNISHMUM30 to receive an additional 30% off (code valid for 6 months), making this an even bigger bargain! What are you waiting for?


Stevie x


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